Every year roughly 2 million people suffer from burns in the United States...

... among all the many different sources for these painful injuries, barbeque grills are the leading source for burns. 



Keeping yourself, your kids and pets protected from these serious burns can be a serious consideration when purchasing a grill.

Metals are known to be extremely conductive in nature, and as grills are heated to hot temperatures for cooking, the metal grill exteriors are being heated to high temperatures as well.   Also, most metal charcoal grills are notorious for flare ups due to the grease and fat released by the meat accumulating and then catching fire.  

Grill Dome’s double-thick wall construction and TERAPEX ceramics can not only help produce superior cooking results, but they also double for an extremely important added benefit, safety

TERAPEX ceramics have been designed to be thick and porous, and designed to trap and redirect the heat to cook the food instead.  The net effect of these properties allows the walls to do a much better job of insulating the heat from the exterior surface and the cooker dissipates a fraction of the heat displaced by metal grills.  Although the walls of the Grill Dome will get warm at high temperatures, the exterior surface will in most cases not be hot enough to burn the skin. 

Safety No more dangerous flare-ups with the GRILL DOME

Flare ups are also another thing you don’t have to worry about with the Grill.  The use of ceramics and the air tight construction of the Grill Dome both work in tandem to help eliminate the risk of flare ups during cooking.  During cooking most of the fat released drips down and is absorbed by the ceramics or is burned away, which reduces any accumulation of grease.  Also, the air tight construction provides an environment to control air flow and control fires via the bottom and top dampers much more effectively.

We believe safety comes first, and we want to make sure you not only have a pleasurable cooking experience but also a safe cooking experience.