Quality you can see … Quality we are proud of

Grill Dome is proud to offer a quality product that delivers superior performance.    Our manufacturing processes emphasize precision and standards in construction, and also give special attention to making the manufacturing as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.  All our products are manufactured to Grill Dome's strict specifications and undergo continuous testing to assure conformance.

Our proprietary PRECIX manufacturing technology allows us to construct identical ceramic units in the production line and avoids any ovalty in circumference, and also avoids unwanted cross sectional variations found in other manufacturing processes.  Our hardware is thicker and fits tighter than most ceramic manufacturers, and our machined surfaces allow for a firm seal between the lid and the base. 


Here are a few extra steps we take to ensure your Grill Dome lasts for years and stands the test of time -

Bullet Grill Dome uses heavy duty 304 Grade Stainless Steel hardware for the hinges and damper doors
Bullet Grill Dome uses a much more tedious “baked on” painting process which eliminates any possibility of a glazing defect known as “crazing” seen on ceramic cookers that are glazed and not cured properly
Bullet Grill Dome lids and bases are machined to ensure a firm seal between the two, which keeps your unit air tight during cooking

We want our customers to have the peace of mind our product will last through the years and that they bought the best in the class.