Our Ceramics

We are glad to announce our new generation of ceramic technology, TERAPEX Ceramics.


TERAPEX is the new pinnacle of ceramic technology for cooking, and is only available exclusively in our Infinity Series.

7 Natural Ceramics

TERAPEX Ceramics -

Bullet Are composed of 7 natural and pure ceramics
Bullet Are structurally much stronger and able to withstand much higher temperatures than our NGII Ceramics. TERAPEX ceramics can withstand an additional 200 degrees.
Bullet The Ceramics in the Firebox, Firering, and Grate have each been designed independently to withstand even higher core temperatures, while the lid ceramics are optimized to be porous and seal natural flavors
Bullet The new exclusive TERAPEX firebox can now withstand over 1200 F in actual cooking temperatures
Bullet Optimizes the balance between porosity and density. Learn how GRILL DOME ceramics work.
Bullet Delivers great durability and can withstand extreme cooking temperatures over the test of time.