Auto-Hinge vs Traditional Hinge

Grill Dome offers two types of hinges on its Large Models, Auto-Hinge and Traditional. The traditional design has been part of the kamado design since its inception and is a time-tested design. Although the traditional hinge functionally works perfectly, over the years our customers requested a hinge that would help alleviate or counter the weight of the lid during the cooking process.

Traditional Hinge

The traditional hinge is a basic barrel hinge with the bracket in the rear or the grill. When the lid is opened, the lid rotates around the hinge.

Traditional Closed

Once the lid is opened, the lid must be locked to keep it in the upright position. There are two locks on the right and left side of the lid. To lock the lid, simply pull the lock towards you and repeat on the other side.

Hinge 2Hinge 3


The Auto-Hinge is designed to simplify the locking procedure to keep the lid in the upright position and is also designed to alleviate the weight of the lid which can range from 90lbs to 120lbs depending on if you have a Large Model or a Maximus Model. To accomplish this, the auto-hinge uses a spring assisted design to balance the lid in an upright position.

To operate the auto-hinge, simply lift the lid to an upright position until the lid balances with the weight of the spring. Thats it!

Auto-HingeAuto 2